Well, that's it. My summer is officially over and I must say, it was the best summer I ever had.
I got wasted, really wasted, and I think millions of brain cells, but you know what? That's fucking okay. We burgled a lido, I had a boyfriend (I didn't really love him, but believe me, he loved me), I fell in love but he didn't love me back (nothing's changed ever since, I am still in love and he doesn't reciprocate my feelings), I must have written 20+ more sites of just literature in my diary, I read like 10 books (that's a lot for the short time I had), I listened A LOT to Lana Del Rey, I still have 1 1/2 bottles of Vodka in my wardrobe, I had my first french kiss, but the best thing: I didn't puke. I never puke while drinking. This is my dignity. I will never puke, no matter how wasted I am. Yes.
Freaking shitty photo but keeses to you all! ♥


  1. Haha! It's good to hear you had a nice summer, mine is not as good as always. But at least it's okay. I hope you had a wonderful time!

    -PS: I miss your comments on my blog.

    -Victor xx


  2. privilegien der jugend.
    und das hört erst mit 30 auf.
    klingt wie mein sommer mit 14.
    deshalb les ich deinen blog so gern.