breathing love

It's Monday, 8.28pm and I am waiting for him to come online. The thought of him gets me smiling every time, every inch of him seems so perfect. I may not be in love with him; I may be in love with the idea of love or the idea of life. But he embodies both of these wonderful things. He embodies love and he embodies life, I feel alive when I'm with him and this feeling might be what everyone is searching for in their lives. Feeling alive. I once heard that we remember moments when we were alive, what we don't remember was only existing. I'm at home like every 48 hours, and then only to chat with him or grab fresh clothes. I am young. Burgling the lido, skinny dipping, heartbeat, this is who I am. I am not just a person, I am every word I've ever said, I'm every thought I've ever thought, every breathe I've ever taken. I will forever be a part of infinity and it scares the shit out of me.
He dared to cross the walls, he found the door and entered a place no one's ever been before. Again, this is me, and he is now a part of me, anything or anyone that's ever been in the secret garden is forever a part of me. How do you define happiness properly? Why would it even matter? Life is not supposed to make you feel happy or sad, life is just supposed to make you feel. You feel. Be grateful.


  1. toller Text und tolles Bild! deine Haare sehen sooo schön aus. :>

  2. wow, it's so nice to know this and you really look like inlove. you look like a blooming flower! xx