Hi! On Sunday, I finally ordered something on ASOS.COM. I have been craving after their clothing for so long, and today it was finally in the mail! I ordered creepers. I am in love with these shoes!
They're not what you would consider 'girly' or 'elegant', but that it what makes them loveable.
I am so tired of people who don't stand up for themselves. Who just don't have the fucking courage to do whatever the fuck they want to do. They just.. adjust themselves so society accepts them. It pisses me off, even though it's none of my business.
Honestly, I cannot wait to see these horrified, disgusted looks. They feed me. These are just shoes, god. Yet they're so much more.. They represent my raised middle finger. My middle finger at our school and the stupid people who are fucking intolerant. Looking forward to tomorrow. That is all. I hope you had a peaceful day. X


  1. wow, that shoes is so cool and yes, fuck society. fuck what they say. just be you and don't give a t(-.-t). haha

  2. scheiße sind die dinger 90ger!
    OMG! Sowas hatte ich als Kind und ich habe die Teile geliebt. Man, jetzt freue ich mich aber über das 90ger Comeback

  3. Love this. Your shoes are very interesting :). http://ivonalovefashion.blogspot.com/