summer evenings at the balcony!

Here I am again! Once I've started a new blog I'm so inspired and motivated that I can't wait to write the next post, haha.
The past two days have constisted of three things: Reading, writing and dancing.
I enjoy these days of being alone with myself. I read a lot, but I feel like I need a break of reading after every book to enjoy the aftertaste of the feelings that book gave me. I feel like summer isn't going to be very warm this year, it was barely warmer than 23°C today, which sucked. I want a hot, dry summer. I guess I'd have to move to Australia to get what I want. Anyway, I made the effort to lug two chairs and a table onto our balcony and then I grabbed The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and a glass of apple juice and started reading. By now, I've read like.. two sites? It's really hard to read, but I like that. I like books where you have to think. Oh, and naturally cloudy apple juice is good for your disgestion, as one healthy tip in passing. Oh and sitting with a laptop on your balcony and hearing the birds twitter was beautiful. I should do that more often.

Oh, and I have a new crush. Well, actually, they're two. Photo following.
Aren't they're just magnificent? Oh, so beautiful. Especially the color.


  1. jap, sind sie. na ja, eigentlich nur die farbe, der schnitt ist echt hässlich, aber schön ist, dass die farbe das wett macht.
    und hier ist es verdammt warm - was sommer angeht.

  2. paulo coelho ist einer meiner lieblingsautoren!! :) xx