Hello! Yes, I am back but in a complete new way. From now on, I will only write my posts in English, I feel like I can express myself better that way. Also, I'm just going to post once in a while; summarizing the things happened in the last time, feelings, music, photos and shit. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
Well, I rediscovered my love for photography. Yes. I used to take photos in AUTO-mode, however, I don't anymore. Isn't it so much more interesting to take a good photo and know you've taken it, not the camera? I absolutely love that feeling. My first try to take a photo all by myself, including to have to set all the setting, turned out to be this:

Also, I've been buying books in the last time like crazy. It's the point of my life (besides writing) and I spend all my freetime with a book in my hand. I absorb the words as I try to find answers to all my questions. Reading is my cure. It gives me the love I don't get from no one. My heart is drying out and reading is a haven. I find my peace in reading and in writing down what I have learned from reading. My newest purchase is Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks. Cannot wait to start reading it.

When I was browsing in the newest issue of InStyle, I saw Caitlin Moe wearing orange leather shorts and these shoes by Isabel Marant. I couldn't stop dreaming about them at night. I needed them. But, excuse me, I wasn't willing to spend 450€ on shoes! I found a quite satisfying dupe of them at H&M and that made my life. Seriously. I was walking through my life with a smile on my face for like two days just because of shoes. Crazy.
Also, I discovered my love for Sex And The City. Watched both of the movies in a day and when I have the time (and the money), I'll buy a box with season 1-6. I need to watch every single episode. I love Sex And The City. Oh, and do not wonder, the title of my blog is Chinese and means Sophie, because I love Chinese more than anything at the moment. Yes. That was all for now. There will definitely be some more posts coming up, since I'm on summer holidays now. Yay! Have a nice day/night/morning. X


  1. du musst das Buch unbedingt lesen! Es ist mein Lieblingsbuch, auch wenn es jetzt schon ein Jahr her ist, dass ich es gelesen hab. Also ich weiß jetzt nicht ob dus auf Deutsch oder Englisch liest, ich habs natürlich auf Deutsch gelesen. Kevin Brooks ist sowieso einer meiner Lieblingsautoren. Aaaaah, sorry aber das Buch ist der hammer! :D

  2. Der Fokus liegt nicht richtig, außer du wolltest die Haarsträhne scharf haben, was aber bei diesem Motiv nicht wirklich Sinn ergibt.
    Ansonsten mag ich die Unschärfe, in welche das Bild verläuft

  3. "Reading is my cure. It gives me the love I don't get from no one. My heart is drying out and reading is a haven." Ditto! Btw, I'm looking forward to seeing your manual-mode shots. Stay awesome:)