December 10th, 2012

Today, in school, I decided to "record" my thoughts throughout the day. I took my notebook everywhere I went. This is the outcome. Have a nice journey to the terryfing place called my mind.


Yesterday, we've spend whole nine hours together and your touch is still echoing on my skin, and the rest of you still fills my heart. Your lips save me from myself.

We know each other. Well, but not well enough. It will never be enough, I will always want to know you more, but in a way, I don't. If I knew you it were enough. But I don't want it to be, because we'd have nothing to give to each other anymore. For now, you give me everything you have and I offer you everything that is left of me.

How lucky I am to be still bleeding and choking on my love. I thought I was dead, but I'm not. You gave me life.

I have two birthdays. One for when my mother gave me life, December 12th, and two for when I saw you rushing over the sports ground for the first time, November 11th. The white bandages tied round your knees, your pumping body. You gave me back my breath, and my fast-beating heart and the fires that are now burning in my heart.

People are laughing and pretending to be happy and I'm half. I need you so much, I'm breaking apart.

My smile cracks and my laughs turn into shrieks. Honestly, what do you do to me? I love you, that's what you do to me. You make me love you until my bones quiver. You make my blood boil and my skin burn. When you laugh, the flower beds of my heart grow rampantly, you set me to light. You're everything. Stay.

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